Lisa Rinna gets a Reduction

lisa rina lips

It must be reduction year in Hollywood, because just days after Heidi Montag announced her intentions to get her boobs reduced, now Lisa Rinna has gotten a decrease as well.

But Lisa Rinna did not get a boob reduction (thank goodness!), but a lip one. The model, actress and writer was on The Morning Show today and explained her decision by simply saying:

I did it because I no longer wanted my lip to define me.

Like that’s even possible! Lisa Rinna will always be “lip lady”, and no matter how small she makes them, that is not about to change.

Kristin Bell Naked

kristin bell naked

Kristin Bell has no problem getting naked, and this time she’s done it for a great cause: cancer prevention. Here is a screen cap from the video that brings us Kristin Bell naked, shot for the Stand Up To Cancer campaign and that is about to be aired in all major United States TV channels.

In the video Kristin Bell is completely nude and shaving her legs in the bath tub. Does this mean bathing or shaving can give us cancer? May be it’s time we all stop bathing. It’ll be a world filled with smelly but cancer free people. Yikes!

Jessica Alba Hot GQ Video

jessica alba gq

My new favorite celebrity MILF Jessica Alba (she was always my favorite, but just recently became a MILF) is looking scrumptious in the new GQ UK video. For a while after giving birth Jess started going down the dumpy road but at some point she must’ve straightened her path, because these last photos of Jessica Alba show she’s hotter than ever and ready to drive us all nuts with her long tan legs and perky cleavage.

We hadn’t seen anything as hot from Jessica Alba in the last two years; exactly since her Campari ad. Remember those photos? Jessica Alba in a bikini, by the pool, sipping Campari and showing lots of skin. Well… these GQ photos and video are shoulder to shoulder with those, and I’d dare say they’re even more revealing. Definitely a great come back!

Lindsay Lohan Selling Photos?

lindsay lohan rehab

As you probably know, Lindsay Lohan is currently enjoying a very relaxing, very chemical-free time at a state of the art facility, where she is making lots of new friends, courtesy of the United States government. Yep, it’s called rehab.

Since while on rehab one is not allowed to work, Lindsay is growing desperate for cash, and a friend of the speckled actress spilled the beans yesterday about how she is planning on making money while being in there:

Lindsay hasn’t worked in so long that the only way she makes money now is from selling photographs. She can make an easy $30,000 to $40,000 a pop for a few hours work. However pictures of her in rehab getting better could sell for as much as $100,000.

Lady Gaga has a Big Pussy

lady gaga's pussy

After Lady Gaga’s popularity went dramatically down after she wore  a “steak dress” and just a few days later a “hair dress”, the controversial singer needed something to up her score. So she dug deep and got herself on stage with no others than John Lennon’s relatives Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon. Perry Farrel was also there.

During the concert, which took place in Los Angeles this weekend, Lady Gaga wore a 70’s style outfit that wasn’t exactly sexy but it certainly showed her curves and made her pussy look like an eight pounder. Man, that’s some big pussy Lady Gaga has!

lady gaga's pussy

Dania Ramirez Swimsuit Photos

dania ramirez swimsuit

Former Heroes star and ultimate Latina babe Dania Ramirez, whose popularity has been growing thanks to her role in TV show Entourage, hosted a pool party at Wet Republic in Vegas this past Saturday.

While Entourage is the most boring show I’ve ever laid my eyes on, they do have a nice assortment of hotties in it, and Dania Ramirez is definitely leading the pack. As you can see from these photos snapped during the above mentioned party, this Colombia up and coming celebrity has the body of an angel and a face to seduce the devil himself. So feast your eyes on these Dania Ramirez swimsuit photos, and stay tuned because it won’t be long before I’m able to bring you some nude photos of her. You got my word.

Tiger Woods’ Former Lover Cristina Del Basso Naked

Cristina Del Basso topless

I hadn’t pegged Tiger Woods for a classy babe banger, since so far the chicks that surfaced from his extra marital affairs scandal have been pretty trashy. But this Cristina Del Basso is definitely top notch pussy, the cream of the crop of all lovers on this planet.

Apparently Cristina Del Basso was one of Tiger Woods’ lovers, but this dude must be out of his mind not to pursue a longer relationship with her. This is the kind of chick that once  you get your claws on her, you don’t let her go for anything in the world, let alone trading her for a cheapy porn star like the ones he fucked by the dozen.

Madonna’s Cleavage Still Looks Good

madonna cleavage

Madonna may be well into her fifties but she still has what it takes to turn your weiner into a steel rod. Those titties still look pretty smooth and perky; not at all what you would expect from a woman her age. Which leads us to the conclusion that obsessively doing yoga actually works. May be I should sign up for a yoga class. Preferably one in New York City; who knows, I may run into Madonna while at it!

Anyway, here is the queen of pop dressed in lingerie and showing her not too shabby cleavage for Dolce & Gabbana. I’m not sure how this is supposed to convince women to buy D&G clothing, but it sure as hell will make guys run to their stores. Good job, Dolce!

Best Celebrity Bikini Bods of Summer 2010

heidi montag bikini

Celebuzz released its list of Best Celebrity Bikini Bods of Summer 2010 and we were not surprised to see AnnaLynne McCord right at the top of it. Although I may consider AnnaLynne McCord a little skinny since I prefer chicks with bigger boobs, I gotta admit that she does have a killer body.

Right behind AnnaLynne McCord is no other than Heidi Montag and her big fun bags. Now we’re talking! Miranda Kerr, Kim Kardashian and Ashley Tisdale also make up this list. Although the selection needs more tits, it does include some really hot celebrities, like Carmen Electra, for instance.

Eliza Dushku in Lingerie

Eliza Dushku naked

It’s hard to catch Eliza Dushku out on the streets, but today we got lucky and ran into this gorgeous actress while she was wearing a cute dark top and short shorts. But as I was getting ready to post those photos here, I realized that I could give my readers something much hotter: Eliza Dushku in revealing swimsuits and panties, which actually beats the pants out of any candid photos.

So here she is, Eliza Dushku dressed in a series of tight little outfits that show a lot, yet still hide it all. This photo shoot was done last year at the beginning of the summer for FHM, and as you can see, Eliza Dushku’s body is beach and summer ready.