Katy Perry: Beautiful and Busty

katy perry naked

For a girl who reached the top spot on the music chart with a song titled “California Gurls”, Katy Perry hadn’t really embraced the California look. Until now.

Here is a bunch of photos of Katy Perry looking like a perfect porcelain doll with heavy eye make up and barely there lips. Doesn’t she look awesome? I wish she had discovered this style before. With tits like the ones she has and now looking spotlessly beautiful, there is no other celebrity that can hold a candle to Katy Perry.

By the way, I have no idea what these photos were shot for, o which clever photographer shot them, but the fact that she is squeezing her tits together made me ask no questions.  Can you really blame me?

Raquel Zimmermann Naked

Raquel Zimmermann naked

Going from an ultra busty babe like Katy Perry to an almost flat chested super model like Raquel Zimmermann may seem a little disappointing to some, but as you can see, Raquel Zimmermann is making up for her lack of tits by posing naked.

And it’s not every day that we get to see this beautiful Brazilian super model in the buff, so first let’s thank the guys from Purple Magazine (specifically Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, who photographed her), and then let’s take a good close look at her. Did you notice her ass? Like every Brazilian model out there, Raquel Zimmermann has an ass to die for. Round and perky, and deliciously fuckable!

Eva Mendes goes Braless

eva mendes braless

Eva Mendes, just like Vida Guerra pictured below, was at PETA’s 30th anniversary gala, and she let her titties run free for this special ocassion. As you can see in this photo (the only one I could get my hands on), Eva Mendes’ boobs were unconstrained under her dark pink dress.

It’s always nice to see a hot and well endowed celebrity going braless for a good cause. And while we don’t know for a fact that Eva Mendes is a vegetarian, we do know that no animals were harmed in the making of her tits.

Vida Guerra’s Cleavage is Impressive

vida guerra cleavage

Not long ago I posted some bikini and nude photos of Vida Guerra and promised my readers that from that moment on I would stay on top of the ball regarding this delightful Latina celebrity.

Faithful to my promise, today I bring you some sexy photos of Vida Guerra on the red carpet, and despite me not being very keen on posting this type of pictures, these ones are well worth our time. Check out Vida Guerra’s impressive tanned cleavage. I’d love to lose myself between those mounds for the rest of my life. Or at least motorboat them for a couple of minutes. I’m easy to please.

Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel Flaunt their Booties

Candice Swanepoel ass

Adriana Lima is Brazilian, and that means she has a killer booty, of course. But aren’t you surprised to see that Candice Swanepoel, being South African, has even a better rear end than Adriana herself?

I’ve been admiring Candice Swanepoel for years now, and I never noticed how round her ass was. I was well aware of the beauty of her face and perkiness of her natural little titties, but that ass blows the rest of her out of the water. Candice Swanepoel definitely needs to start turning around more often. If she has got it, she should flaunt it!

Kim Kardashian and Friend in Tight Dresses

kim kardashian cleavage

By now you’re probably tired of seeing Kim Kardashian in tight dresses that hug her huge ass and massive tits. My money is on you being ready to see Kim Kardashian naked or at least topless. But I’m sad to disappoint you, because I’ve also been waiting for Kimmy’s next nude photos, and they don’t seem to be coming.

But at least today’s Kim Kardashian’s photos bring us the curvy socialite accompanied by another very hot ethnic hottie. Kim was spotted leaving Nobu restaurant in Beverly Hills accompanied by her good friend LaLa Vasquez. Hot pair, aren’t they? I would give my weekly paycheck to see these two in lesbian action. Once again, I bet so do you!

Karissa Shannon Embraces her Sex Tape

karissa shannon vivid sex tape

See these photos of Karissa Shannon? They’re the promo photos for her sex tape. Quite sexy if you ask me!

In case you were not around these past few days, the highlights of this story are: Karissa Shannon and her boyfriend Sam Jones III made a sex tape together. Supposedly they had NO intentions to sell it (yeah, right!). Spencer Pratt stole the movie from their house during a party (again: yeah, right!). Spencer Pratt sold the video to Vivid Entertainment for an undisclosed amount of money. Vivid contacted Karissa Shannon and in just one day made her change her mind and convinced her to endorse and promote the sex tape, thanks to a 6-figure payment.

It sounds remarkably like so many other sex tapes stories before, doesn’t it?

Lindsay Lohan going back to Jail

lindsay lohan jail

Things took a turn for the worse today for Lindsay Lohan, who was handcuffed and taken into custody this morning, after judge Marsha revoked her probation for failing a drug test earlier this week. According to TMZ:

As for Lindsay’s reaction … she was shocked when the judge remanded her into custody. Lindsay looked at her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holly, before being taken out of the courtroom.

It is still unknown how long Lindsay Lohan will spend behind bars this time, but hopefully it will be longer than the three weeks she served in the very recent past. I don’t wish her bad, not at all! But hopefully this second round in the big house will teach her a lesson and keep her away from drugs forever. I just hate to see such a beautiful girl waste her life away by becoming a junkie.

Naked Pictures of Ashton Kutcher’s Lover

Brittney Jones naked

So it’s true! Ashton Kutcher did bang another woman, just not a blonde like some people said originally.

The chick whose legs opened to receive Ashton Kutcher’s manhood is a curvy brunette named. She is 21 years old, and apparently ready to make a name for herself, be it by fucking Kutcher or by posing naked. As a result, some photos of Brittney Jones have surfaced that show her sprawled eagle while wearing her birthday suit.

If Demi Moore ever gets across these photos, she won’t be a happy camper. This chick may not be a hot ass MILF like Demi herself and definitely doesn’t have one tenth of her money, but she’s only half her age and that is something that drives women mad.

Nina Moric Upskirt and Pussy Photos

Nina Moric pussy upskirt

If you’re not familiar with Nina Moric, you need to get acquainted with her, pronto! This Croatian model is not only pretty and with a body to kill and die for, but she’s got an allergy to wearing panties, as it was obvious by her latest photos, where she accidentally reveals a neatly shaved pussy with a tiny bit of fuzz on front.

Nina Moric’s upskirt and pussy slip photo was snapped yesterday as she stepped out of her vehicle somewhere in West Hollywood. The best part is that this Nina Moric wardrobe malfunction was completely accidental, something that makes it even more valuable!