Kelly Brook Drops Lots of Cleavage

kelly brook tits

Just a year ago, if you had asked anyone in the United States who Kelly Brook was, they wouldn’t have been able to answer you. But today, there is not a single soul who is not familiar with this British celebrity and her killer body.

There is a reason for it. Actually, two reasons, and they have big light brown nipples perched on them. Yes, my dear readers, it’s called tits. Kelly Brook’s tits.

Check out these photos of Kelly Brook in a tight red dress, dropping lots of cleavage and keeping those bad puppies strapped tightly together. Big and quite nipply… Not bad… not bad at all!

Heidi Montag Back with Spencer Pratt

heidi montag spencer pratt

Heidi Montag turned 24 years old yesterday, and she celebrated it by making out with no other than her soon to be ex-husband. Or has the blonde star of The Hills changed her mind about divorcing Spencer Pratt?

The two spent the last few days in Costa Rica, where she had tried to stay away from him, while he was spotted trying to peak into her beach-side villa with a telescopic lens. Now they were caught kissing by paparazzi, back in the United States, while having dinner at the Santa Barbara Pier. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. But as long as she doesn’t get her boobs reduced, we’ll try!

A Second Karissa Shannon Sex Tape

karissa shannon sex tape

Karissa Shannon recently admitted that she and Heidi Montag made a sex tape together, while Heidi’s husband, Spencer Pratt, filmed the action. Apparently Karissa’s boyfriend, Sam Jones III was OK with that, but after he found out that a second sex tape exists, he flipped out and said he’d “whoop that ass in Costa Rica” (referring to Pratt’s ass, of course).

Spencer Pratt is currently in Costa Rica and about to meet with Vivid Entertainment producers to discuss the price of this Karissa Shannon’s sex tape, which shows the sexy Shannon Twin in hardcore action with an unknown guy. Nope, it’s not her boyfriend or Spencer himself in the tape.

I’ll keep you posted as to the outcome of this, but it promises to be quite exciting!

Lara Stone Naked

lara stone naked

When there are no celebrities showing their pussies or having some of those “accidental” nipple slips they have us accustomed to, I have no choice but to resort to writing about naked supermodels.

In that light, it’s Lara Stone’s turn to be featured on our blog, partially thanks to Hollywood’s celebrities good behavior as of late, and partially because she is completely naked on the latest edition of Interview magazine. The funny thing is that despite she shows everything in these pictures, and the magazine is named “Interview”, there is no interview with Lara Stone there. You’d think she’d earned the honor of answering a few questions in exchange for dropping her clothes off for their camera. Life is not fair. But these naked photos of Lara Stone make it more bearable, don’t you think?

Halle Berry’s Tits in a See Thru Shirt

halle berry tits

Halle Berry showed her big brown apples at the… err… big apple! The star of Things We Lost In The Fire was in New York this weekend, where she was photographed flanked by her personal bodyguards, wearing a see thru top without a bra.

Despite being in her 40’s and being a mom, Halle Berry still has the best ethnic knockers out there. I remember when she went topless for the movie Swordfish, and got paid a whopping one million dollar per tit. I think that’s the most expensive topless scene in Hollywood to this day, but it definitely got the job done: even though the movie sucked, we all remember it because…. Halle Berry showed her tits in it! That’s Hollywood for you; you can have a crappy script and half assed acting, but if you can show some great tits, the movie is meant to become a classic!

Cher Sluts it Up

cher vma outfit

OK, Cher may be 64 years old, but by looking at this picture, would you say she’s a single minute over 40? Flat tummy, long lean legs, perky tits and firm hips. Yummy!

Here is Cher dressed like a teen slut at the VMAs to present the Video Of The Year award, flaunting her incredible body in a remembrance of her most famous video ever, “Turn Back Time”. I swear she needs not to turn time back, and although I’m not really into older broads, I’d definitely drop one for the team.

By the way, that little ass showing thru the weird looking outfit belongs to Lady Gaga.

Jessica Alba in Lingerie

jessica alba in lingerie

Jessica Alba brought her booty to the Italian version of Vanity Fair magazine this month, and the result is these terrific photos. She may be dressed kind of weird in them, but the truth is that she looks tasty enough to eat.

There were about eight pictures in this collection, but I went for the horizontal ones, since the other ones were kind of lame. After you take a close look at them, you’ll appreciate my sorting thru them, and weeding out the boring ones, to bring you the hottest Jessica Alba photos. Wait, let me rephrase that: the hottest Jessica Alba photos IN LINGERIE!

Lindsay Lohan will Have a Baby?

lindsay lohan having baby

Lindsay Lohan seems to have realized her life is a disaster, and to “fix” this, she has decided to have a baby! According to a close friend of Lindsay’s, the star of Mean Girls is determined to “stay sober and thinks the best way for her to achieve that goal is to get pregnant.”

Lindsay wants to imitate what Nicole Richie did a few years ago: getting pregnant and subsequently getting her act together.

LiLo’s friend added:

She needs to be around someone nearly 24 hours a day. She thinks having a baby could straighten out her life.

As long as she doesn’t hit him with a car while the baby is in his stroller, it’s all good!

Kim Kardashian’s Nude Playboy Photos Upset Her

kim kardashian playboy

Remember those nude photos of Kim Kardashian in Playboy back in 2007?

Well…. They’ve resurfaced, thanks to the editors of the men’s magazine recycling them and posting them again this month. But despite how hot she looks in her Playboy pictorial, the star of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality TV show is not happy about the photos being out there again. A source close to Kim told Radar Online:

Kim was really upset that the new photos were released. She freaked out that they were out there, she didn’t think that they were going to be seen again.

Paris Hilton’s Cleavage at the Mall

paris hilton cleavageParis Hilton’s magical cleavage made an appearance today at a shopping mall in New York. The blonde billionaire was dressed in a very revealing print dress with a plunging neckline that showed lots of sideboob. As you can see in these photos, Paris’ tits are back to their normal size, and can be appreciated in all their natural beauty now that she’s not wearing a bra.

I really hope that Paris Hilton doesn’t end up in jail this time, as a result of her drug carrying activities… It’s very refreshing to see Paris in a new sexy outfit almost every day, and we’re all going to miss her terribly if she does go behind bars.