Jessica Simpson’s Expanding Cleavage

jessica simpson cleavage

Jessica Simpson keeps on expanding, a trend she started about a year back when she broke up with her boyfriend at the time, quarterback Tony Romo.

But we’re not complaining, not at all! The good thing about Jessica Simpson’s increased weight is that her tits are growing at the same rate as her volume. Check out the size of Jessica Simpson’s tits in this picture snapped a couple of days ago while she was leaving the Ritz Carlton in New York. That’s some serious cleavage, and no matter how much she may try to disguise it, there’s no way to hide that enormous abundance!

Heidi Montag Bikini Pictures from Costa Rica

heidi montag bikini

We all remember when Heidi Montag and her costar Spencer Pratt got married and had the subsequent honey moon in Costa Rica (complete with some jungle adventures where they got lost in the jungle and the Army had to go rescue them). As a result, they fell in love with that beautiful and lush Central American country and bought themselves a villa there.

Now that their marriage is in the pits and Heidi has filed for divorce, she has flown down to spend some quality time alone and “try to find herself”. As you can see, this quality time is spent in the pool dressed in a skimpy bikini, while making sad faces. Oh, the life of the rich and famous!

Demi Moore Twitter Bikini Pics

demi moore bikini

It’s hard to keep a guy 15 years younger interested, mostly for a woman who is already 47 years old. But Demi Moore knows how to. By keeping herself in terrific shape, that’s how!

Despite claims (and photos) that Ashton Kutcher was tongue kissing a blonde girl a few days back, Demi Moore insists that her marriage is as solid as ever and after posting a photo of the two of them named “hubby and I standing tall”, she went as far as to post some of herself in a tiny bikini in front of the mirror. The photos, published via her Twitter account,  show Demi’s terrific body and perky silicone tits. And by golly, she makes me want to crawl into my computer and bang the daylights out of her!

Kim Kardashian and Two Naked Guys

kim kardashian naked

Kim Kardashian’s most controversial photo ever can be appreciated this month on the cover of Prestige magazine. In it, the curvy socialite appears flanked by two naked Latino muscular guys, while she wears a revealing dress covered with spikes.

I’m not sure what the symbolism behind the spikes is, though. Are they trying to infer that Kimmy is keeping naked guys away? Or that she likes to fuck them two at a time and poke them with spikes? Who the hell knows! The fact is that Kim Kardashian is in the same picture with two naked guys and that, my dear readers, really gets my fantasies flowing!

Lindsay Lohan Involded in another Hit and Run?

lindsay lohan hit and run

Radar Online just published a story according to which, Lindsay Lohan hit a kid in a stroller and kept going. Eyewitness Brayan Jaime told Radar Online:

There was a woman pushing a kid in the stroller, maybe a two or three-year-old, crossing the street. Lindsay took the red light and hit the stroller. It wasn’t super hard, but she made impact and hit them. Lindsay pulled to the right, stopped for two seconds, and then just kept going.

I refuse to believe this, and not because I thought Lindsay Lohan to be a respectable careful person, but because anyone whose kid gets hit by a Masserati will definitely sue, and so far no legal suit has been filed against Lohan or the owner of the Masserati.

Blake Lively for Marie Claire

blake lively marie claire

Blake Lively is the celebrity of the month on the UK edition of Marie Claire, and for some reason they made her look like she jumped straight out of the 50’s decade. The colors of the photos, the way she is dressed and even the ambiance remind us of one of those 1950’s rich housewives. Although Blake Lively looks great in these pictures, I personally would’ve gone for a less classical and much sluttier pictorial. Oh, wait! Marie Claire is not “that kind” of magazine.

Anyway, in her interview for MC, Blake refused to talk about her boyfriend Penn Badgley, and simply said:

At the end of the day, you’re just in any relationship. How does anybody go to work every day and come home? You just do it and it either works or it doesn’t.’

Heidi Klum Naked

heidi klum naked

One of our readers just sent me this photo of super model Heidi Klum naked, and although we’ve seen her in the buff tons of times before, I just couldn’t resist the temptation of posting about her today. After all, why would I say no to a naked celebrity picture?

Heidi Klum, with her perfect and never sagging body, is a delight to look at. At the age of 37, Heidi still sports a flawless body, and as you can see in this photo, her ass is as hard as a tortoise shell and as bangable as ever. That husband of hers is such a lucky guy!

Karissa Shannon Upskirt Pictures

karissa shannon upskirtKarissa Shannon is having a pretty busy week! After having a nipple slip at the OK! magazine 5th anniversary party (which was promptly covered by her boyfriend Sam Jones III), she just had an accidental upskirt session while stepping out of her ride upon arriving at La Vida nightclub in Hollywood. The funny thing is that she even tried to cover her panties with her hand, as you can see in one of these photos, but it was obviously too late, and the damage was done.

Well… it’s not like Karissa Shannon’s panties and even her pussy couldn’t be seen at our favorite nude celebrity website (click the banner to the right of this post if you’re interested), but an accidental upskirt is always quite sexy and refreshing, wouldn’t you agree?

Rachel Weisz Half Naked on GQ

rachel weisz gq

Rachel Weisz became popular for her acting in the movie Enemy At The Gates, where she played the role of one of those chicks that everybody passes around during war times but nobody wants to marry afterwards (that’s the only good thing about wars!). After that, she’s been in a lot of other flicks, but for some reason neither of them comes to mind right now.

Here she is, featured by GQ magazine this month, in a black and white pictorial that enhances her classical looks. I swear, this chick should be in black and white. Rachel Weisz looks fucking edible in these monochromatic images!

Carmen Electra is Back?

carmen electra tits

There was a time when Carmen Electra ruled the entertainment world, but time and a new generation of slutier celebs have displaced her from her former position. Yet, it was with great satisfaction that I welcomed today these photos of the blonde plastic-boobed model and actress. To tell you the truth, I think it’s been too long since we got to see a good video or photo series of Carmen Electra. Remember those photos where she promoted Coca Cola and we all kept drooling so much just looking at her that we had to actually get a bottle of coke? Smart marketing… those were good times!

So here she is, dressed as a stripper and showing her gigantic tits in the sexiest outfit we’ve seen her in many years. Would it be too early to say that the old Carmen Electra is back? Let’s wait and see!