Paris Hilton and her Amazing Cleavage

paris hilton cleavage

Just a few days ago I was blogging about a celebrity who has small boobs and managed to make them look humongous thanks to a padded bra, and I recall comparing her to Paris Hilton and her unique ability to make her own tits look like overinflated balloons while they’re actually a size B.

Well, speak of the devil, because here is Paris dropping some amazing cleavage while promoting her new fragrance “Tease”. Need I say anything about her tits, other than WOW?

By the way, while we’re on the rhetorical questions part: did I overdose on Starlight Mints or is Paris looking tremendously like Marilyn Monroe in these pictures?

Shannon Twins Kiss Each Other

shannon twins sex

Playboy’s hottest twins ever Karissa and Kristina Shannon were photographed making out with each other at their ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner’s party at “the mansion”. The party, named “Mid Summers Night Dream” reunited the cream of the crop of current and past playmates and hopefuls, and obviously the Shannon Twins had to be there. But besides their mandatory appearance, we gotta wonder if their kiss was also mandatory. Or do they enjoy kissing each other from time to time?

Forced or not, this is the hottest kiss I’ve seen in a long time, and even though it may be considered incestuous by some, it’s blood-boiling, toe-curling material, so here it goes!

Kim Kardashian’s Most Controversial Photos Ever

kim kardashian justin bieber

Kim Kardashian blogged today about the controversial photo shoot that features her posing opposite Justin Bieber at a beach in the Bahamas, and finally spilled the beans about it:

Remember those paparazzi pics of me and Justin Bieber in the Bahamas!? Well, I can now reveal that we were shooting for Elle Magazine! I just received the pics from the shoot and I absolutely LOVE how they turned out! […] The theme of the shoot was ‘The Graduate,’ for obvious reasons, LOL.

The shoot portrays 29 year old Kim Kardashian having an affair with 16 year old Bieber, and shows them running at the beach while she wears some very skimpy lingerie. A little disturbing, if you ask me!

Elizabeth Hurley’s Tits in a Bikini

Elizabeth Hurley's tits

I need to apologize for how blurry these photos of Elizabeth Hurley are, but I thought most of you would appreciate them. It’s been a while since we saw this former British model in a bikini, and I wanted to share these with you (despite their low quality), to prove that once a hottie, always a hottie. Just take a look at how great Liz looks, even at the ripe age of 45.

We all know that Elizabeth Hurley’s tits are something to talk about, with them being natural and (from the nipple slips we’ve caught here and there) so beautiful. So I’d like to say something about them today: Elizabeth Hurley’s tits are a perfect 36D size, and she usually keeps them nicely tanned thanks to her high sea sailing adventures, sometimes with stark white tan lines, some others fully tanned, nipples and all. In my opinion, Hurley has the best cougar tits out there, soft, supple and very bouncy, and as you can see in these photos, when pushed together by a bra or a bikini top, they make a delicious cleavage. Gosh, I love them titties!!!

Jessica Simpson Gets Lucky

jessica simpson in jeans

Jessica Simpson adorns the cover of the September issue of Lucky magazine, where she looks like a jeans-clad Barbie doll, with her hair flowing in the breeze and a fake smile. Still, in the featured interview she opened up about her curvy figure and says that she’s given up on looking like a Barbie… hello???

Anyway, she blurted:

We all obsess over looking like the perfect Barbie type, and that’s not always what’s beautiful. It’s about making peace with yourself.

Apparently Jessica Simpson has made peace with herself by launching a new line of jeans (like the ones she’s wearing in the picture), which cater to women over 130lbs. How convenient that just now she’s talking about not looking like a skinny doll… You gotta love Jess, she’s such a smart business woman!

Natasha Alam in Lingerie

natasha alam panties

Natasha Alam became a celebrity after her role (or should I call it “appearances”) in the reality TV series Entourage. Since then, we have enjoyed her in True Blood as well as a few little cameos on miscellaneous TV shows. It seems, though, that her big break is here, since she was casted to be on the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Here are a few shots of Natasha Alam in character during the filming of the movie. As you can see, she doesn’t need to be all made up or adopt a glamorous pose to look drop dead gorgeous for real. Undoubtedly the producers of the movie have a good aesthetic eye and know a good thing when they see it!

Renee Zellweger’s New Big Tits

Renee Zellweger tits

Big tits lovers rejoice! Renee Zellweger seems to have grown a pair of fabulous tits overnight. As far as I recall, the blonde actress was kind of shy in the boob department, and now, all of a sudden, kaboom!!!

Should we thank her private doctor for this, or are Renee Zellweger’s Tits enhanced by wearing a magically uplifting and enlarging padded bra? May be she’s been in touch with Paris Hilton, whose tits seem to miraculously grow a couple of sizes depending on what bra she’s wearing that day.

No matter what, Renee Zellweger’s boobs look great, and I want to congratulate her on them. Hell, I’d love to do a lot more than that, but I’m not sure she’d let me. So for now, let’s hear it from my readers: are Renee Zellweger’s new big tits the result of implants or of a good bra?

Holly Peers Topless for Nuts

holly peers topless

I have no idea how a hottie like Holly Peers went under my radar. If they’re famous and have tits, I’ll over them like white on rice, but for some reason, I had never heard of Holly Peers before.

Like a gentleman that I am, I’m all about giving ladies their place, so here is a series of photos of Holly Peers posing in her birthday suit (at least from the waist up).

This pictorial was just published by Nuts magazine, an outstanding British lad mag that specializes in hotter than hell pin up girls from across the right side of the Atlantic. As you can see, there is plenty of reason for them to feature Holly. So feast your eyes on Holly Peers’ tits and don’t feel guilty about it… I can’t take my eyes off those magnificent boobs either!

Kim Kardashian Flashes Cleavage on Twitter

Kim Kardashian cleavage

Kim Kardashian just posted a photo of her abundant cleavage on her Twitter stream, with the excuse of sharing her love for her dog. Yeah, right!

I mean, I don’t doubt that she loves her puppy, but I’m one hundred percent certain the puppies she was trying to flash don’t have tails.

Anyway, Kimmy seems to be enjoying her life as a single socialite and is in no rush to find a substitute for her former fiancée  Reggie Bush. That’s a good thing! Not only is she available but she has been showing a lot more skin than ever before, including tons of bikini pictures this summer. If you’re familiar with the life and works of Kim Kardashian, you know that in the past it was difficult to catch her in a bikini, while nowadays it’s nearly impossible to catch her in anything else!

Lindsay Lohan’s Hot Pre-Jail Pictures

lindsay lohan sexy photos

While Lindsay Lohan plays around and gets detox’d in a posh rehab center, a handful of her latest photos were just released, where she can be seen in various stages of undressing. Sadly there’s no fully undressed shot in this series, but just the idea of watching Lindsay Lohan taking her clothes off will probably sound enticing to any and all of my readers.

Some of the photos come from a Marc Ecko photoshoot she did right before entering jail, while the rest are courtesy of no other than LiLo’s very own 6126 Lookbook collection.

If you don’t know what 6126 is, you may want to freshen up on your “Californian”… it’s always good to keep up with celebrities’ enterprises, just in case you may need something to talk about with your 20 year old girlfriend. No girlfriend? Then you really need to stay tuned for more Lindsay’s 6126 Lookbook’s promo photos… lots coming soon!