Adriana Lima Bikini Pictures

adriana lima bikini

Adriana Lima has the best tits in the haute couture world, and although she’s not as eager to show them as some of her Victoria’s Secrets counterparts (namely Rosie Huntington Whiteley), she’s not exactly hiding them lately.

Here she can be appreciated in some sexy bikinis while being photographed for the upcoming VS catalog. As you can see, those Adriana Lima titties are literally overflowing her bikini tops.

Ah, and don’t let me forget to mention her pussy thrusting action. Notice in the leopard print bikini, how she keeps thrusting her hips forward… is Adriana trying to tell us something?

Adrianne Curry does Comic Con

Adrianne Curry naked

Adrianne Curry and her tits visited Comic Con in San Diego this week, and as a result, a deluge of her photos were posted on her Twitter stream. You gotta love little celebrity wannabes like Adrianne Curry who don’t miss a single opportunity to parade their perfect bodies around to have their pictures snapped by as many guys as possible.

Anyway, here she is dressed as the chick from the movie Fifth Element as well as some characters from the Star Wars movie series. Attention starved or not, the truth be told: Adrianne Curry is one hot piece of ass, and I really hope she keeps up her little dressing up charade, since her photos are always well worth looking at!

Katy Perry’s Tits are Asking to be Unwrapped

katy perry's cleavage

Here’s Katy Perry posing for some obscure magazine’s pictorial, which apparently is something she’s been doing pretty much weekly, therefore it’s not real news. But the fact that her boobs are wrapped in some funny-looking green cord (or string, or whatever that is), prompted me to post these photos here. After all, they have what it takes to spike up any air-breathing man’s imagination. I bet my weekly lunch money that right now you’re thinking about unwrapping Katy Perry’s tits and letting them breath freely.

In any case, I really like the faces that Katy is making in these pictures… they show not only does she have tits, but a personality too. Who could ask for more?

Melanie Brown Flashes her Stuff

melanie brown upskirt

Melanie Brown’s next door neighbor has had a restraining order in place against the singer for quite some time. Still, that doesn’t prevent the curvy rapper from keep on harassing the whining lady.

A few days ago, while leaving her Los Angeles home, Melanie Brown confronted her neighbor, asking her “what are you looking at?”, while showing her her round backend. According to the police report filed by the neighbor that same night, Brown “bent over and thrust [her] buttocks” at her. As a result, Melanie faces charges for public lewdness and harassment among others.

Personally I don’t see what the big deal is about Melanie Brown flashing her ass or pussy to anyone. Here she is during a concert this weekend, showing her panties to the crowd, and nobody was complaining.

Angelina Jolie Brings Back the Sexy

angelina jolie hot

Hollywood’s hottest piece of ass to the day, Angelina Jolie, is currently in Japan attending the premiere of her movie Salt in that island nation.

Dressed in a very sexy black dress that showed her entire leg as well as her back, Angelina Jolie paraded her incredible hotness at Tokyo’s most sought after red carpet event ever, filming autographs and even chatting with some of her fans.

I’m sorry, but I have to go back and talk some more about Angelina Jolie’s dress. Wow. I mean, WOW. That’s the hottest dress I’ve ever seen her wear, and for those who compared Megan Fox in her red dress at the Transformers II premiere to Angie, all I have to say is “how dare you?”

Paris Hilton Topless

Paris Hilton Topless

Romancing Doug Reinhardt for a whole year and behaving like a goody goody girlfriend must have been the hardest thing Paris Hilton did in her life. Now that she’s a free woman again, the blonde heiress has unchained her heat one more time and is now parading her tits all over the Mediterranean Sea.

These Paris Hilton topless photos were shot as the sexy billionaire sunbathed her perky tits perched on top of her family’s yacht. Almost 30 years old and having fucked more than a 42nd street hooker, Paris’ body doesn’t show any signs of aging. Those titties look as good as they did back in the day when she filmed her sex tape. It must be the rich life… remind me the try it sometime (soon!)

Gaelle Garcia Diaz Naked

Gaelle Garcia Diaz Naked

Gaelle Garcia Diaz is such an underrated hottie! We just never see any of her photos anywhere, and the paparazzi are certainly not chasing her around, and I just can’t understand why!

Gaelle Garcia Diaz has an ass to die for, a pair of all natural tits that are a real gift from the gods, and a completely shaved pussy that she’s not afraid to show for the right price. Therefore, I must ask, how come Gaelle Garcia Diaz is not more popular?

So fix this unfairness I promise to make a very special place here on my blog for this hot Spanish/Belgian model and her nude body. What’s more, wherever I find Gaelle Garcia Diaz naked, I’ll grab those photos and post them here right away. Just like I did with these photos from Che magazine.

Nicole Trunfio Nipple Slip

Nicole Trunfio nipple slip

Now that the people Down Under have their very own version of America’s Next Top Model, which is named “Search for a Supermodel”, they have a lot more hotties available to give us some good nipple slips.

Take Nicole Trunfio for instance. The winner of last year’s season of this TV reality show attended some sort of red carpet event this weekend, wearing a sexy white outfit with a deep plunging cleavage that literally went all the way down to her belly button. As it tends to happen with these unconventional garments, hers malfunctioned and we ended up with a nice Nicole Trunfio nipple slip. Not a full blown tit slip, but we can definitely see her nipple, so yes, this does qualify as a nip slip!

Jennifer Aniston’s Upskirt Shots

Jennifer Aniston Upskirt

Jennifer Aniston has the bad habit of wearing panties everywhere she goes, and what’s worse, she tends to keep her legs closed as much as she can. Simply unforgivable!

But there is a moment in every celebrity’s life when she lets her guard down and spreads those lovely legs. Or forgets to wear panties… No, that’s not the case with Jennifer Aniston today, since she was definitely sporting a silky pair of skivvies last night when she spread her legs as she got ready to jump off her limo. But she did give us a close look at her upskirt goodies. And I must say that they’re quite tasty for a 40 year old broad’s!

So, enjoy these upskirt photos of Jennifer Aniston and don’t forget to keep her in your prayers when you ask for more celebrity upskirts at night! She may start spreading more… who knows!

Carrie Underwood Bikini Pictures

Carrie Underwood bikini

Carrie Underwood is a beautiful blonde country singing sensation who got her big debut by winning American Idol.  Since winning Idol, Carrie has continued to release album after album of hit songs, winning a ton of awards. But her music is not the only thing that this talented singer has going on for her. She’s got a killer body and the face of an angel, so no wonder she’s so rapidly becoming such a hot celebrity.

Carrie has most recently broken the hearts of millions of men, by getting married to Mike Fisher, the luckiest asshole in the world.  We are all a little jealous of Mike, he gets to stick his dick into that delicious blonde any time he wants.  Ah, the things I could do to that tight little body Carrie has. Sorry, I got a little distracted there, please enjoy these bikini pics of Carrie Underwood in Tahiti. Yes, they’re a little blurry, but still worth looking at!