Lindsay Lohan Enters Jail

lindsay lohan jail

It’s official, Lindsay Lohan has landed in jail, and she’s now one more of the countless celebrities who have bitten the dust in the Hollywood of the new millennium.

After being sentenced to 90 days in jail, Lindsay Lohan surrendered herself yesterday, and entered the Century Regional Detention Facility, in Lynwood, California, where she will remain in protective custody for the length of her sentence. So far she has remained calm and collected, and a sheriff’s department spokesperson told Access Hollywood that the actress has been “extremely cooperative and everything is going smoothly.”

Rumor has it that out of the 90 days, Lohan will only serve 23, so she’ll probably barely have time to make friends, let alone have sex with any of the other inmates… although LiLo is pretty fast, so you never know!

A Blake Lively Upskirt Moment

blake lively upskirt

Blake Lively didn’t really seem to stand out as a celeb for several years after Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, until she ended up in her breakout role as Serena on Gossip Girl.  Of course once you get a nice blonde hottie noticed by the public, she’s never going back into the background ever again.

You think you can count on the paparazzi to get what we all need.  Put a hottie like Blake in a flowing skirt, something in each hand so she can’t hold that skirt down, and let the wind blow.  Beautiful shots of her silken legs, but we are stopped just shy of pure heaven.  Take a moment to enjoy these great shots of Blake Lively and her flowing skirt, where we just almost got the most beautiful view ever.

Lindsay Lohan’s New Movie: Inferno!

lindsay lohan inferno

The posters for the movie Inferno starring Lindsay Lohan as a porn actress, were finally released, featuring a single photo of the troubled starlet on them.

I really want to give Lindsay Lohan a rest, but I just can’t help myself. With this movie being about one of the most famous porn actresses from the 70’s, the “talented” Linda Lovelace, who rose to fame with her flick Deep Throat, I really have to write about Lohan one more time. After all, this indie movie comes as a surprise, and a promissory one: Lindsay is supposed to be naked in at least two scenes in the movie, while performing oral sex on two of her male counterparts. Trouble is, how will she be naked, when by court-order she has to wear an alcohol-measuring device on her ankle at all times?

Jenna Dewan Bikini Pictures

jenna dewan doggie style

Here’s Jenna Dewan again wearing a bikini and being photographed in some compromising positions, accompanied by her also famous husband Channing Tatum.

After months of not seeing anything from her, Jenna has resurfaced with a bang, and seems to be ready to show us lots of skin. Just last week I posted a photo set of Jenna Dewan in a bikini while vacationing in Europe, where she was anything but shy about bending over and sharing her round ass with the world. Now today, she’s back for seconds in yet another sexy bikini, and guess what? she’s still in the best position ever: doggie style!

Kelly Brook Topless

kelly brook topless

Kelly Brook topless or in a bikini are great ways to start off your week happy and energized, so I wanted to share with you these recent photos of the beautiful British celebrity.

Kelly was photographed by Maxim in a ridiculously hot pictorial that includes motorcycles, the beach, the desert, and her fantastic tits and incredibly hot ass wrapped in see-thru panties. This chick is the Mona Lisa of our times, a hot sexy icon that keeps us on our toes waiting to see what wild thing she’ll do next. And you can certainly count on Kelly Brook doing something wild. As an example just take these photos where she’s technically topless. Granted, her tits are stuck to some lucky guy’s back, but she’s topless nonetheless!

Jenna Dewan Assumes the Position

Jenna Dewan bikini

Summer is definitely my favorite season. And how could I not love it when all the chicks are going to the beach in small bikinis and showing everything they got? Just like Jenna Dewan did this weekend in her Italian vacation.

The 30 year old former model and dancer amazed everyone with her awesome body that’s just perfect despite her age! And I mean it. Her butt is probably the best I’ve seen in weeks and, believe me, I’ve seen a lot of them since last Sunday. Jenna Dewan’s ass just screams doggy style, and what makes these photos so great is that she’s assuming the position in them.

Pamela Anderson for PETA

pamela anderson peta ad

Pamela Anderson is back. After staying out of sight for a while, the Baywatch hottie came back into the spotlight this week, when celebrating her birthday in style in Las Vegas. And now she got our attention one more time, with her new campaign for PETA, where she is almost naked. Although the idea behind her ad is to turn us all into vegetarians, Pamela Anderson is actually awakening the meat lovers in us. Wouldn’t you want to sink your teeth into that chest and that… how does she call it… rump?

Anyway, here is Pamela Anderson in a bikini for PETA looking just as tasty as she did when she was 23 years old. I guess she’s living proof that not eating meat does a body good. Lots of good!

Watch Out for Jennifer Aniston…

jennifer aniston legs

She’s kicking butts and taking husbands!

They say that was goes around comes around, and this time it was Jennifer Aniston’s turn. The Marley & Me actress is reportedly dating one of her friends’ husband. Technically ex-husband, since their divorce was finalized just last month, but by golly, that body is still warm!

The lucky dude is no other than the star of Tremors II, Chris Gartin, and according to a source close to Jen, the two are getting serious, and Chris has even introduced her to his two kids.

In the meantime, Chris’ ex-wife Joanna Gartin seems to be taking it easy, and told Radar Online:

I’m really not at all interested in it. Jennifer has been my friend — our friend — for over 10 years… we have known each other a long time.

Irina Sheik Topless for GQ

irina sheik topless

Irina Sheik is the hottie of the month for GQ magazine, where she was featured on its cover wearing nothing but black panties and a bunch of necklaces.

Soccer star Cristiano Ronado’s new Russian girlfriend put on a series of very sexy see-thru outfits and posed for GQ like no one else. Bent over backwards and letting her tan nipples show thru the fabric, Irina Sheik looks good enough to eat in this pictorial. With those great tits she’s got, it was actually a great move on her part to give us a glimpse of her goods. This chick knows how to get a fan base and she’s working it hard!

Lindsay Lohan Topless for GQ Germany

lindsay lohan topless

Lindsay Lohan’s camp announced today that the auburn-haired actress had checked herself into rehab early this morning, trying to clean up her act and looking good in front of the judge who sentenced her to 90 days in prison just a few days ago.

And just when you thought Lindsay Lohan was going to become yet another boring good girl (rehab has the bad habit of turning wild celebs into dull ones), a video was released where she was filmed posing topless for GQ Germany. Man, those Germans have all the luck! First they almost won the soccer World Cup, and now they get the last possible Lindsay Lohan Topless before her jail time starts!