Amy Winehouse’s Near Upskirt Incident

amy winehouse tits

A very drunk Amy Winehouse stumbled into the theater where her new boyfriend’s movie Psychosis premiered last night in London.

Despite her recent announcement that she is staying away from alcohol and drugs and is working on a new music disc that should see the light within six months, Amy seems to have gone back to her severe drinking habits. After breaking up with her ex-husband for the second time, Amy Winehouse began dating movie-maker Reg Travis, and this prompted her to try to clean up her act; she even asked him to move into her London house with her. Sadly, she has failed to stay sober, the poor thing. Luckily, she was so shit faced last night that she almost showed her tits and pussy to all of England.

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson Nipple Slip

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson nipple slip

British celebrities are working hard to overthrow American ones, so Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan better watch out!

English socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson just gave the world a perfect nipple slip, while riding in the back of her expensive car. While sitting pretty and wearing a manly trousers and jacket set without a bra, one Tara Palmer-Tomkinson’s nipples poked out and what’s best, remained that way for several minutes while the paparazzi snapped photos. You gotta give it to these British celebs: they’re so proper and refined in their movements, that they don’t even jump to cover their tits. Just the perfect attitude to give us those celebrities nipple slips we’re always after!

Miranda Kerr in Sexy Panties

miranda kerr panties

Miranda Kerr, the Aussie super model who turned Orlando Bloom into a good boy, has a face and body from out of this world, so who better to introduce Victoria’s Secrets’ new lingerie line than their very own VS Angel Miranda Kerr?

I’m still not sure if these campaigns are made to sell their products or to blow guys’ minds off, but I do know one thing: we all love them! Watching Miranda Kerr playing with her sexy cotton underwear is like a dream come true. Her ass is just perfect, and her tits, oh, Miranda Kerr’s Tits… don’t even get me started on those but wow, they look gigantic in those bras!

Cintia Dicker Topless

cintia dicker topless

It’s becoming a habit for Cintia Dicker to be topless in pretty much every photoset lately; it seems the more popular she is, the less clothes she wears. I’d love to see her become as famous as Cindy Crawford. I can only imagine what she’ll wear (or not wear) then.

Famous Brazilian model Cintia Dicker appeared in a mouth-watering photo shoot in the August issue of Marie Claire France, where then again, she was topless. The pictorial was supposed to be selling some sort of clothing articles but for the life of me I couldn’t peel my eyes off her tits long enough to figure out what. I bet you won’t be able to, either!

British Celebs Naked!

Michelle Heaton naked

Hollywood is the motherland of most of the hotties I usually post about but this doesn’t mean I’ll ever say no to foreign celebrities. Like this two awesome British babes,
and Adele Silva who took the leap of faith of celebrities and posed for a nude photo shoot in Closer magazine. Really, how could I ignore this?

Michelle, who is a tiny size eight, said:

This is the first time I’ve ever posed with no clothes on and I’m a bit nervous. I’ve been offered thousands of times to pose naked for lads’ mags, but always refused. It’s only now that I’ve felt ready to do it tastefully.

At the same time, Adele, who recently moved to USA, said:

Everybody is obsessed with image here, but being in LA has made me relax about my body! I’m 30 this year and I’m finally at ease with myself. I don’t need a blow-dry and full make-up to go to the shops like some women.

Pamela Anderson Turns 43 in Style!

pamela anderson party

Our all time favorite blonde Pamela Anderson turned 43 years of age this week, and she celebrated the joyful occasion at the Venetian Hotel’s TAO Beach in Las Vegas, like the star that she is.

After drinking lots of champagne and flirtingly flaunting some bare leg (which to be honest, doesn’t show her age at all) to the young studs present, Pammy went on to party with her large entourage of friends, all dressed in very colorful and extravagant outfits.

The former BayWatch star is still making hearts flutter and she proved so when every single guy in the hotel followed her when she started a conga. With tits and legs like hers, can you really blame them?

Kim Kardashian’s Ass Looks Fast!

Kim kardashian ass

Kim Kardashian adorned the Bullrun Live Rally this weekend, giving us guys an even better reason to love cars. And butts.

Kimmy, who wore a tight white outfit, was chased by photographers from the moment she set foot at the event. No wonder! Kim Kardashian’s ass hasn’t looked this good in years. If you’re a fan of the Kardashians and their curves, you know this is one serious statement to make, but before you tell me to eat my own words, take a look at these photos of the hottest of the K sisters.

I don’t know how Kim managed to stuff her sexy body in that tight rubber outfit but she did an awesome job and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I’m just wondering if she was able to sit down without ripping it apart!

Eva Longoria in a See Thru Dress

Eva Longoria naked

Eva Longoria just gave us a great example this weekend of what celebrities should wear while lounging around with their families.

The actress best known for portraying Gabrielle Solis on the Desperate Housewives series knows how to set temperatures rising even when she’s not only wearing a bikini. This see-through white dress she wore while vacationing in Croatia was an excellent way to show us a little bit of her amazing body, while being too obvious in front of her in-laws. She may be short but she’s got a hot toned ass and a sweet face that makes you love her no matter what. Her boobs? Just perfect!!

Blake Lively’s Legs Go all the Way to Heaven

Blake Lively legs

Boobs and butts are very important, I know. But after you take a look at these pictures of Blake Lively you will understand the real meaning of legs. Real long legs that can be wrapped around your body and send you to heaven in just a second.

TV actress Blake Lively is back to work after taking a short break from the filming of Gossip Girl. Blake, who is best known for her portrayal of Serena van der Woodsen in the book-based TV series, was seen filming a scene this weekend wearing short black shorts and perched on top of 5 inch heels that made her already long legs look amazing. I’m almost tempted to watch the next episode of Gossip Girl. Almost…

Dita Von Teese gets her Tits Wet!

Dita Von Teese tits

Dita Von Teese just signed up as the face of the Perrier water brand, and she’s determined to be remembered as the hot celebrity that brought incomparable fame and fortune to it. For this purpose, the burlesque dancer has developed a website where users can snap sexy photos of her in “the dark room”, or watch her cool her beautiful tits with a bottle of Perrier water. If nothing else, it’s very creative; much more than any other Perrier marketing campaign, and certainly a hell of a lot hotter!

After watching Dita Von Teese soak her boobs with the sparkling water, you’ll yourself need a good cooling down. I certainly did, and guess what I felt like drinking? You got it: a cold bottle of Perrier water. See? Sex in advertisement works!