Miley Cyrus is Out of Control

Miley Cyrus tits

It won’t be long now until Miley Cyrus turns 18 years old, and I swear I was waiting until that day to say anything sexual about her. But fuck it, I can’t wait any longer! Not after Miley Cyrus released a concert DVD that can be compared to any soft porn movie out there.

I know she’s not naked in the DVD, and she tries not too show “too much” of her boobs or crotch but those moves she’s got just scream sex. Can you also hear it? Cuz this is all I hear and it’s damn loud. So here you are guys, enjoy these pics of Miley Cyrus and don’t forget she’s growing up fast and she may surprise us in the future with a sex tape of two!

Bar Refaeli for V Magazine

Bar refaeli tits

Bar Refaeli is one of those chicks that know exactly what she’s got. She is definitely aware of how insanely hot she is and realizes that to drive any man crazy, she just has to show up. Or pose for photos. Or just exist.

Speaking of photos, here is a great shot of Bar Refaeli for V magazine. She’s looking great in these pictures; I’d dare say better than ever before.

It’s actually a shame Bar Refaeli didn’t start posing until she was in her 20′s. As you probably recall, the Israeli model and occasional actress became famous after she hooked up with Leonardo diCaprio (even though he was trying to stay unattached at the time). I have good reasons to think her boobs just mesmerized him and made him forget about all his lonely guy nonsense. Am I wrong?

In the meantime, Bar Refaeli said: “Why do people think I’m sexy? Maybe it’s the fact that I have boobs.” Hello? Has she looked at herself in a mirror lately? There’s no hotter woman on this planet. Period!

Whitney Porn Bikini Pictures

whitney port bikini

I’ve seen Whitney Port in a lot of sexy outfits and I was pretty sure she’s got some nice boobs to show but this hot television celebrity, clothing designer, model and actress never showed too much of her body. Now, seeing these pictures of Whitney Port at the beach, I really don’t understand why she hasn’t been showing more skin in the past. This chick has awesome body, good size boobs and a rocking ass.

Of course, she can do a lot better than just posing in a bikini, maybe going topless for a single day or, why not, a sexy photo shoot for a men magazine. My conclusion is clear: Whitney Port needs another PR strategy or people will never know what she’s hiding. And that’s a shame.

Kim Kardashian’s Self-Shot Tits Photo

Kim Kardashian tits

Nothing beats a hot babe who is well aware of the assets that nature (or plastic surgery) gave her, and knows the advantages of sharing them with the rest of us. This is the case with Kim Kardashian, who grabbed her mobile phone and took some awesome photos of her boobs yesterday, as soon as she realized how awesome they looked in her new silver dress. After all, why waste your time waiting on the paparazzi when you can take care of your own publicity?

Speaking of publicity, Kim’s popularity has been dwindling, so may be it’s time she comes up with something new other than strutting her stuff in bikinis and tight dresses. Would it be too much to ask for another Kim Kardashian sex tape?

Zoe Saldana in Lingerie

Zoe Saldana lingerie

Zoe Saldana, the blue girl from Avatar, is now the face, body and boobs of Calvin Klein Underwear. The 32 year old actress will be featured in the fashion house’s fall global campaign wearing nothing but panties and bras and putting her perfect body to good use.

Regarding the decision of hiring her, said:

Calvin Klein has always put forth such beautifully executed campaigns. It’s very exciting for me to be associated with such an iconic, globally recognized brand like Calvin Klein Underwear.

This is indeed a huge step for Zoe’s career and we’re happy for her. Hopefully the campaign will include topless photos, like they’ve done with several of their former models.

Kesha Shows Lots of Skin

Kesha naked

Driving a motorcycle can be as exciting for some as having sex, and in this case, seeing Kesha with her long legs wrapped around a bike is (almost) as good as sex.

I couldn’t care less about Kesha’s musical career or her new songs but yeah, I care about her boobs. With her push-up bra pushing her tits to infinity and beyond while wearing that slutty short skirt, there’s no hotter vision than this ultra hot blonde.

By the way, these photos were taken off her new video, titled Take It Off. And taking if off she actually does. In this music video, Kesha shows a lot more skin than she ever has in the past and by golly, she’s looking better than ever!

Claudine Keane in Lingerie (almost)

Claudine Keane lingerie

Claudine Keane may not be very well known yet, but with a body and a pair of tits like those, she certainly has what it takes to knock any Victoria’s Secrets model off the spotlight.

Claudine is a lingerie model who recently became the new face of Ultimo and boy, does she look good in here new “work uniforms”… Sometimes seeing a super model in lingerie is even hotter than seeing them naked. It’s probably because it keeps you wondering what’s under those tiny panties and push up bras. In the case of Claudine Keane, she’s never been caught in the nude, so she indeed sparks our imaginations and in my case, my wildest and dirtiest fantasies.

Here’s Claudine posing with some extremely small outfits from Ultimo in her hands, yet dressed in regular street clothes. Now that’s torture!

Serena Williams Not Too Happy with her Body

Serena Williams ass

When I think of tennis players I think of nicely shaped bodies with a certain “volume”, that would put any skinny model to shame. This means I can certainly appreciate Serena Williams’ curves.

The reason I wanted to make this clear from the beginning is because the Wimbledon winner, who beat Zera Zvonereva (another tennis hottie) in the Ladies Singles on Saturday, says it took her two decades to embrace her body shape, and explained:

I was 23 when I realized I wasn’t Venus. She’s totally different. I’m super-curvy. I have big boobs and this massive butt. She’s tall and she’s like a model and she fits everything.

Big boobs and a massive butt mean more territory to explore and more pleasure to have. Common girl, just take your clothes off and let us judge!

Marissa Miller Looking Hot for FHM

Marisa Miller Naked

America’s pride and joy Marissa Miller, voted FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World, opened up her garden gates for a sexy shoot for the men’s mag. As the reason why, she said:

I know men are very visual, so I thought it would be fun to play up the sexy, housewife-next-door fantasy.

Now I have no doubt about how smart she is… because she is so damn right! It takes a woman in her 30′s to really know the nature of the beast!

Anyway, in this hot photo set, not only does Marissa take a wander in her dressing gown dressed in barely nothing, but she also mows the lawn in a bikini top, tiny denim hotpants and heels. If Marissa Miller was your neighbor, your house price would sky-rocket, especially if this is how she reads the morning papers.

Danielle Staub and her Lesbian Lover

Danielle Staub

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub was spotted partying again this weekend with her new “girlfriend,” singer Lori Michaels, in New York City. If you thought no one would stop so low as to pretend to be bisexual and exploit the gay community for publicity, then you haven’t met Danielle Staub. Bur who are we to judge anyway? I mean, as long as they do their job right and they show us some sexy woman to woman moves, we can certainly deal with it.

The two were hanging out all night, and posing for the paparazzi in their sexy little outfits. Danielle and Lori attended Damon Dash’s birthday party at Lucky Strike in the Big Apple. With as much as an attention whore as Danielle Staub is, it wouldn’t surprise me if these two were in the process of making a sex tape sometime soon. Gosh, I really hope my haunch is right!